In 1986 Tom and I moved from California to Rhode Island and opened shop in the beautiful Dorset Mill.  Built in 1850 as a textile mill many different businesses called this home.

Currently, there are 3 woodworking business at the Dorset Mill. In addition to Davin and Kesler there is Hardwood Design Inc.,owned by Bill Bivona and Gloor Design, owned by Michael Gloor.  HDI  specializes in the fine art of stair building Gloor Design is known for its sculptural furniture 

There is a wonderful synergy between the three shop.  The three businesses have well over 90 years of woodworking experience.  Have a woodworking question, someone has an answer. Lunchtime often finds the 4 of us together laughing, telling jokes, and commiserating.



We love to create things.

It starts with an idea something we could make, something our customers would like.  How could we design it? How would it work the best? Does it look and feel right? Will it hold up over time? These are the questions we love to ask.

And more than thinking about it we love actually making it. Figuring out how to craft a piece of lumber into the piece we are thinking about. This is where the real challenge is.  Once the idea is now physical we find pleasure in thinking about how a customer will use it, how can we tweak it so it works better, looks better, feels better.

Learning new things, challenging ourselves, pushing to be better this is who we are