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FAQ for Wooden Bracelets

by mary kesler

man's bracelet in gift box

Are Bracelets a Good Gift for Men?

Yes!  Men wear bracelets.  Over the past few years bracelets have become a style statement for many men.  Wooden bracelets have a more natural feel and a relaxed look than metal bracelets.  

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How to choose a wooden bracelet

There are many options available in the marketplace for wooden bracelets.  A couple of things to thinks about when purchasing your bracelets are:

How  do I know what size bracelet I need?

Some bracelets like our cylinder bead bracelet are on a stretchable cord.  They are one size fits most.  Other bracelets come sized.  To determine your size wrap a cloth tape measure around your wrist. This will tell you the length of bracelet you need.  Most bracelets will have a size guide letting you know if you need small, medium, or large. In general men prefer to have their bracelet fit tighter to their wrist than women do.

How long will a wooden bracelet last?

The cord that the beads are strung on needs to be strong. We use a polyurethane cord that is strong and will not stretch out over time.  If the cord is elastic it will lose its elasticity over time.

Are wooden bead bracelets durable?

Bracelets can take a lot of abuse.  Softer woods tend to scratch and dent over time. How is the density of wood measured? It can get technical. If you want to know more try this article.  But an easy way to think about it is by comparing the weight of the wood to water.  Water is expressed as 1.0. All woods can then be compared to it.  If it’s less than 1, and most woods are, they will float.  There are a few woods with a specific gravity above 1, they sink. Both cocobolo and ebony sink in water.  We use cocobolo rosewood and ebony in our wooden bracelets. Cocobolo is not only strong and durable, it is beautiful.  Cherished for its high figure, the colors run from red, to orange, purple and a little black. Its sawdust has a fragrant spicy smell.  Gabon Ebony, which we use, is jet black with a very fine grain. Statues found in Egyptian tombs are made of it as are the fret boards on violins  Both woods are prized for their beauty and strength.

How should I care for my wooden bracelet?

The care of a wooden bracelet is fairly easy.  It should be removed before showering or swimming.  Hand washing is not a problem.  If it starts to look dirty or dull, wipe it with a soft cloth.  Sun is not wood's friend so do not  leave it on the dashboard of your car or in a window with direct sun for long periods of time.

How many styles of wooden bracelets does Davin & Kesler offer?

 We offer 2 different styles in wooden bracelets:  

  • Our cylinder bracelet is a continuous band of wooden beads, black onyx, and stainless steel.  The bracelet rolls on easily and is great for stacking.  
  • Our other style of wooden bracelet has a magnetic wooden clasp.  The band is available in stainless steel or leather.  The stainless band is more contemporary.  The leather band is soft.  The magnetic clasp on these wooden bracelets is unique.  For men who love wood and a natural look a wooden bracelet adds a unique look to your  style.

How should your wooden bracelet help you feel?

Simple. Does it help you feel more hip, more cool and younger? If you can check all of these boxes you have found your perfect wooden bracelet.

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