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Why Wooden Earrings are Unique and Special

by mary kesler

Why Wooden Earrings are Unique and Special

What are unique qualities in wood earrings?

  • The natural beauty of wood gives each pair of earrings its own unique look.  The grain in every pair is one of a kind.
  • They are very light weight.  Compared to other materials such as metals or leather the wood is much lighter.
  • Wooden earrings are very versatile.   They offer a look of warmth and comfort to an outfit.  Depending on their shape and type of wood they can be casual or dressy.
  • Handmade wooden earring show ones own unique style.
  • They are enviornmentally friendly.

How to chose wooden earrings.

When picking out a pair of earrings for your self or as a gift.   There are two important considerations.

  1. What color is the person's hair.  Wood comes in many different colors.  If the wearer has very dark hair a lighter wood will have more contrast. If your hair is light a darker colored wood will show up better
  2. What size earrings does the person typically wear.  Because wooden earrings are light weight buying a larger earring is OK. But in general,  people who wear small earrings like small and people who wear large earrings like bigger earrings.

How to care for natural wood earrings.

The most important instruction for care is to keep the earrings dry.  Do not wear them in the shower or swimming.  If they do get wet, dry them off with a soft cloth.  Store them out of the direct sunlight.

Are wooden earrings durable?

Yes.  Although light weight wood is very strong. 

What styles of earrings do Davin and Kesler make?

  1. Inlaid Wood - Made with many different types of woods creating a complex one of a kind pattern these earrings come in six different shapes.  Casual  and comfortable they show off ones personal and unique styleinlaid wooden earrings
  2. Silver Inlay-  Argentium silver is precisly inlaid into wood creating a more sophisicated look.  The silver gives these earrings a little pop of shine.

    Both styles of earrings highlight the carefully detailed and fine small work that Davin and Kesler  has refined in over 40 years of woodworking.



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